Live Online – M1: Screening and Scoping

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Module 1 equips you to kickstart your organizations work on nature and biodiversity reporting.

Available dates:

  • March 6-7 2024
  • June 12-13 2024
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The tools and training to decide IF, WHEN and HOW your organisation should get started on nature and biodiversity reporting
Who is it for?

Module 1 training and toolbox is for professionals seeking to enhance their skills in reporting on nature and biodiversity. Whether you’re currently responsible for, or aspire to handle such reporting, or if you’re tasked with increasing organizational awareness and compliance with upcoming nature and biodiversity-related reporting requirements, this training is for you.

You will gain the skills to assess and present to management your organization’s options for engaging in the nature and biodiversity agenda, including interactions with internal and external stakeholders.

Employees from any organization can participate, regardless of the organization’s level of expertise in these matters. However, if your organization will be required to report under the ESRS starting from the 2024 financial year, we strongly recommend supplementing this Tier 1 training with Modules 2 and 3 as soon as possible.

What will you gain from the training?
  • A thorough introduction to reporting on nature and biodiversity, with guidance on choosing the reporting framework(s) that best fit your organization
  • Access to peer sparring and networking opportunities
  • Premade tools and resources equivalent to 100-120 work hours, aiding you to:
    • Assess when and how your organization should engage with the biodiversity and nature agenda
    • Engage stakeholders for their feedback
    • Assess the resources needed for proposed next steps
  • A certificate of training upon completion

What will your boss gain?
  • A sound basis for decision making on how and when to engage with the biodiversity and nature aspect of sustainable business conduct
  • An analytical framework that integrates expectations from internal and external stakeholders for assessing options in nature- and biodiversity-related sustainability initiatives
  • A skilled employee capable of helping the organization navigate the opportunities and risks associated with the growing focus on nature- and biodiversity-related disclosures


What will you learn?
  • What is biodiversity/nature and why is it important for businesses
  • How businesses relate to biodiversity/nature by identifying impacts, risks, opportunities, and dependencies
  • Understanding the main drivers of change affecting biodiversity and their influence on nature and business
  • An intriduction to the major ESG reporting frameworks, their similarities and their differences
  • Introduction to and training in the use of the module 1 toolbox, Frame and Scope
What’s in our module 1 toolbox?
  • Slide deck for introducing the biodiversity and nature agenda to management and colleagues
  • Templates for internal or external work sessions identifying your organizations
  • Stakeholder engagement tools including interview guide and questionnaire as well as guide on how to use them
  • Spreadsheet for capturing results of stakeholder engagement and help assess when and how the organization best engages in nature and biodiversity related reporting
The cost covers:
  • 2 training days online
  • 2 hour online master class with senior consultant focused on the challenges specific to you and your organization (value 4,500 DKK)
  • Access to course peer network group
  • Access for 1 year to tools and introduction material (value: 1,999 DKK)
  • Curated list of reading
  • 1 year unlimited use of video training guides for 1 person
  • Access to alumni network group
Cost: 6,999 DKK

Additional information

Choose your preferred module 1 training date and location

Face to face – February 14-15 2024 – Copenhagen, Face to face – May 15-16 2024 – Copenhagen, Live Online – February 21-22 2024, Live Online – May 22-23 2024, Self-paced learning module